Pearson Fastener has supplied the global marine industry with corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts for over 30 years. Our parts are used in marine engines, motors and interior boat assemblies. We produce specialty marine components such as double-end studs, fully threaded studs (collars or no collars), cap screws, formed hex bolts and rivets.

We understand marine manufacturing challenges such as short lead times, widely varying volumes of parts, and the need for high-quality components engineered to endure harsh marine environments. Pearson’s combination of advantages is unique among marine parts suppliers.

In-House Design and Tooling

  • Shorter lead times – average delivery lead time of 22 days, an industry stand-out
  • Stainless steel purchasing and stocking strategy for lower costs, faster lead times and lower volume runs


Unique Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Specializing in M6 to M14 diameters
  • Multi-die cold forming to produce specialty stainless steel parts

Quality Process

  • Level 3 PPAP documentation
  • Tensile testing capabilities unmatched in the industry
  • ISO 9001-2008: Re-certified 2016
  • ISO 9001-2015 and TS 16949-2015: Working toward certification April 2017

World-Class Sub-Suppliers

  • Domestic stainless steel supplier produces its own raw material, minimizing imperfections which can lead to early surface rust.
  • Local supplier network for heat treating and plating.
  • Passivation maximizes corrosion resistance on stainless steel non-plated parts.

Case Studies

Marine Manufacturer Saves 40% on Hex Head Bolt from Pearson

Problem: Trimmed hex flange head bolts have many advantages. But they are costly and difficult to produce for reasons including:

  1. Tooling pressure that occurs from trimming the hex during the cold forming process.
  2. The resulting material loss, which can be especially costly when stainless steel is used.

Solution: Pearson Fastener can produce a formed hex bolt that offers many of the benefits of a trimmed hex, but at a much lower cost. With our unique manufacturing equipment, Pearson can cost-effectively cold form a hex head with filled-out corners to achieve similar engagement as a trimmed hex. For one marine customer, Pearson was able to reduce the cost of an M6 x 12mm hex flange head bolt with stainless material by 40% while still providing the benefits of a trimmed hex.

Pearson’s In-House Capabilities Reduce Lead Times for Marine Manufacturers

Problem: Short lead times are often a challenge for marine manufacturers that need specialized stainless steel components for marine vessels and equipment. The parts need to be corrosion resistant to withstand extremely harsh marine environments, while meeting strict quality requirements for marine use.

Solution: Pearson Fastener’s in-house design and tooling capabilities help shorten tooling lead times and thus the total lead time for new and existing specialty parts. Using multi-die cold forming, we produce custom double-end studs, fully threaded studs, cap screws, formed hex bolts and rivets in size ranges from M6 to M14. Our local sub-supplier network also helps reduce lead times for heat treating and plating, along with a passivation process to enhance corrosion resistance qualities. These capabilities have allowed Pearson to produce parts with an average delivery lead time of 22 days – a stand-out in the industry.

Stainless Steel Purchasing Strategy Allows Lower Volume Runs for Marine Parts

Problem: A marine craft OEM needed a parts supplier that could produce stainless steel components in a wide variety of volumes without driving up cost and lead times. The volume requirements ranged from 1,000 to 500,000 piece EAU.

Solution: With in-house tooling and strategic stainless steel purchasing, Pearson buys a standard size of material which we can tool up to produce several different diameters of parts. This leverages our purchasing power for stainless steel and provides the capability to stock stainless steel in house. This lowers costs, shortens total lead time and allows us to produce lower volume parts for marine manufacturers.

Rust-Resistant Fasteners for Marine Applications – Without Coatings

Problem: Marine manufacturers are always looking to maximize the rust resistance of their fasteners without adding costly coatings.

Solution: Pearson Fastener has developed supply chain systems that allow us to improve fastener rust resistance without adding coatings. Through this supply chain, Pearson has produced many parts that have performed up to 1,000 hours in a salt spray chamber before rusting, without having a coating on them. Pearson accomplishes this by:

  • Working with a domestic stainless steel supplier that produces its own raw material. This minimizes raw material imperfections which can lead to early surface rust.
  • Partnering with a local world-class metal finishing company that performs a passivation process to maximize corrosion resistance on stainless steel non-plated parts.