Unique Head Configurations: Hex, Square, Pentagon Heads

Hex, Square, Pentagon Heads

Pearson Fastener manufactures custom engineered bolts, shoulder rivets and threaded studs with a wide variety of unique head configurations such as hex, square and pentagon heads. They are used in industries such as lawn and garden, automotive, transportation, military and marine. These parts can have shoulders, can range in diameter from M5 to M14 in diameter, and can measure up to 5 inches in length below the head.

Our single, multi and progressive die headers give us an advantage to produce a wide variety of high-quality components. Pearson also offers in-house trimming capabilities, allowing parts to have trimmed features which allow sharp corners.

We produce hex, square and pentagon head parts from carbon and alloy steel and silicon bronze raw material. They can range in hardness from Grade 2 to Grade 8 to handle the most strenuous environments.